NeoPlay - The Wireplay Archive

Welcome to NeoPlay! The Wireplay archive!

This is a archive of the files and pages of the old online gaming service Wireplay.

Wireplay was a internet gaming service sorta like GameSpy that was established in 1996 (i think it was 96 or 95) for Windows

Its reccomended to use VirtualBox or a similar program with

a XP VM running the software in compatibillity mode of Windows 98 or 95 on it. (Click the button below to download Wireplay, PS, Its the UK version, and Wireplay is discontinued, so I hope someone is able to program a custom server! If not then its fun to look around the program.

Download Wireplay

UK Version


Assets used on the UK or AU site, feel free to use them, some may be large that they are shrunk into a link.

Join Now button

A join now button, used to redirect to the join/downloads page (file name: joinnow.jpg)

Newbie Egg And Sperm button

Another join now button, used to redirect to the newbies page, used at the GamePlay era, it features a egg and 3 sperm (file name: newbie_mini.gif)

Large file, click here to view

The background used in this page, its used in some pages, mainly the Downloads page. (file name: download.gif)

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